Darlington Community Arts Café is run by Artists for Artists.  But don’t that put you off.  It is also run by people interested in just having a go at something creative and trying something new, for people just like themselves. And although it is wonderfully informal and relaxed, the people organising it appreciate the benefits of art and creativity on mental health.

We set up originally to provide a space in an informal environment where artists working from home or isolated in their studios could meet up and work in company for a few hours every week over a cup of tea.  Others who were interested amateurs soon joined us and became the main hub of the group.

Anyone is free to join us. We meet every Wednesday from 1pm in Waterstones cafe, from 7pm every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Pregos, and every 3rd Saturday of the month for urban sketching.  Bring your own materials or use some or our stash!